The Ultimate 90-Day Bodyweight Training

90 day bodyweight workout plan, to achive fitness(or weight loss)

How Do I Take This Challenge?

  1. In detail check this page:
  2. The Ultimate 90-Day Bodyweight Training Plan
  3. How to do the workouts:
  4. Start off with the first exercise listed under upper body.
  5. Do as many reps as you possibly can with good form.
  6. Quickly write down the number of reps you achieve.
  7. Move on to the next exercise.
  8. Repeat until you get through all the exercises listed, to the end of the whole-body section.
  9. There are a couple of variables in the plan that change over the ninety days in order to achieve a progressive overload. The first variable is the amount of exercises. After each month, you’ll be doing a greater number of exercises during each workout.
  10. “By the time you get to the third month, your body will be well conditioned and much stronger than when you started.”
  11. The other variable is the difficulty of exercises. During the first month, the exercises will be more intermediate. As you get into the third month, they will be more advanced and this will challenge your body tremendously.
  12. After each three weeks of training, you will have an active rest week. This means you can take off a week from the training plan and perform other activities such as hiking, kayaking, biking, or running. Can you do other forms of strength training during the active rest week? Sure, but don’t go overboard. Remember, your body needs rest in order to recover.
  13. This plan delivers amazing results in terms of fat loss, conditioning, and muscle development - but it is not for the faint of heart.
  14. Month 1: El Diablo Month
  15. I call this month “The Devil” because you’ll realize these workouts really are challenging and hellish. That said, this month is also designed to give you results quickly so you can see the effectiveness of these exercises.
  16. Exercise Schedule:
  17. Week 1: 3 X Per Week
  18. Week 2: 3 X Per Week
  19. Week 3: 3 X Per Week
  20. Week 4: Active Rest Period
  21. Upper Body:
  22. Spider Push Up
  23. Leaping Frog Exercise (video below)
  24. Hindu Push Up
  25. Helicopter Exercise
  26. Heart Push Up
  27. Lower Body:
  28. Wide Bodyweight Squat
  29. Karate Squat
  30. Hindu Squat
  31. Bear Squat
  32. Catcher’s Squat (video below)
  33. Core Exercises:
  34. Side Plank (Left Side)
  35. Side Plank (Right Side)
  36. Flutter Kicks
  37. Whole Body Exercises:
  38. Grass Hoppers
  39. Gracie Drill
  40. Month 2: The Shredder Month
  41. In this second month, you’ll start to see your body burning off fat and building lean muscle. The structure is set up the same as last month. You’ll do workouts three times per week. However, you’ll be doing more exercises per session.
  42. Exercise Schedule:
  43. Week 1: 3 X Per Week
  44. Week 2: 3 X Per Week
  45. Week 3: 3 X Per Week
  46. Week 4: Active Rest Period
  47. Upper Body:
  48. X Push Up
  49. Spider Push Up
  50. Leaping Frog Exercise
  51. Stretch Walk Push Up
  52. Wide Arm Push Up
  53. Helicopter Exercise
  54. Lower Body:
  55. Pistol Squat
  56. Duck Walks (Max Time)
  57. Wide Bodyweight Squat
  58. Karate Squat
  59. Hindu Squat
  60. Catcher’s Squat
  61. Core Exercises:
  62. V Up
  63. Lunge Sit Up
  64. Jackknife Exercise (Left)
  65. Jackknife Exercise (Right)
  66. Whole Body Exercises:
  67. Grass Hoppers
  68. Gracie Drill
  69. Spider Push Up on Chair
  70. Month 3: The Total Annihilator Month
  71. By the time you get to the third month, your body will be well conditioned and much stronger than when you started. To continue the progressive overload, you’ll be changing up two variables. The first one is the amount of exercises - you’ll again be doing more. The second variable is that you’ll be doing the workouts four times per week.
  72. Exercise Schedule:
  73. Week 1: 4 X Per Week
  74. Week 2: 4 X Per Week
  75. Week 3: 4 X Per Week
  76. Week 4: Active Rest Period
  77. Upper Body:
  78. Stretch Push Up
  79. Decline Push Up
  80. Diamond Kiss Push Up
  81. Deep Push Up
  82. Barbwire Push Up
  83. Three Pronged Push Up
  84. X Push Up
  85. Lower Body:
  86. Wide Bodyweight Squat
  87. Karate Squat
  88. Hindu Squat
  89. Bear Squat
  90. Catcher’s Squat
  91. Karate Squat
  92. Duck Walks (Max Time)
  93. Core Exercises:
  94. Static V Pulses
  95. V Up
  96. Side Plank with Leg Lift (Right)
  97. Side Plank with Leg Lift (Left)
  98. Flutter Kicks
  99. Whole Body Exercises:
  100. Wall Walks
  101. Spider Crawl
  102. Full Bridge
  103. Bridge Push Ups
Take This Challenge


1, Keep scores how you do, and try to improve it at every work out.(Of course its not gonna happen every time, but make sure you do everything to do it.)
2, Make a plan when you can do it, which day and what time, and stick to it.
3, Have time to take shower and eat some after it.
Good luck!

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