Eat Less and Exercise More 120 Day Fitness Challenge

Set up the habits you need to enjoy the rest of your life in good health. If bad habits have put your health into question you don't need a diet you need a new way of life.

How Do I Take This Challenge?

  1. There is only one thing you must do during this challenge, eat less and move more. Each and every day in a sustainable way. Everything below just aims to help.
  2. Starting today remove poor food choices from your diet
  3. Don't snack or eat desert during the week
  4. Cut your portion sizes down so your meals can fit on a small plate
  5. You must learn how much energy (calories) are in each meal and food you're eating, not to count calories for the rest of your life but to educate your self on good and bad good choices
  6. Eat more vegetables, they're filling, highly nutritious but contain few calories
  7. Before each meal drink a large glass of water. It will help prevent overeating and dehydration which many confuse for hunger
  8. Throw out or donate all the poor food choices in your cupboards and fridge. It's easier to resist when its not an option
  9. Eat lean proteins and watch your fat intake
  10. Exercise for 15 minutes a day and increase it weekly so you're exercising 20 minutes in week 2, 25 minutes in week 3
  11. Pick a sport you love (or used to love), experiment with new sports
  12. Find a friend to exercise with
  13. Take the stairs, leave the car at home
  14. If you're moving less that day you must also eat less.
  15. Find new ways to fix boredom, sadness and other bad eating habits
  16. Don't obsess over the scales, you're in this for the long haul. They weight will come off over time.
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  1. Don't reward your self with food when your body does begin to change
  2. Experiment with low calories recipes, their are thousands out there
  3. Adapt slowly and make it fun.. If you take on too much too soon you're more likely to revert to old ways
  4. Over time your taste preferences will evolve and you'll begin to enjoy nutritious food more and more
  5. Hang out with people that already have a healthy lifestyle
  6. Make the process as fun as possible and don't sweat it if you falter every now and then. Be flexible but make it last

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Why should I use this site to take this challenge?