Can You Survive a 30 Day Sugar Detox

Your brain treats sugar like opiates. Its highly addictive and highly destructive for your health. Can you take the 30 minute sugar detox?

How Do I Take This Challenge?

  1. For 30 days you must go cold turkey with sugar
  2. Drinks contain absurd amounts of sugar, soda, fruit drinks and gatorade. Drink water or sugar free alternatives. (No added sugar doesn't mean sugar free)
  3. Chocolates and other sweets are obviously a no no.
  4. Read the food label or look up the food online - if it contains sugar scrap it
  5. It gets harder before it gets easier. After 10 days you'll find things much easier
Take This Challenge


  1. Avoid the triggers
  2. If you're feeling stressed, find productive ways of dealing with it. Music, supportive friends or light exercise
  3. Get everyone in the house on board with you and remove sugar from your house when you start

The Stats



30 Days