Good Personal Hygiene/ Appearance

Commit to being clean with you and your surroundings

How Do I Take This Challenge?

  1. Detangle Hair everyday, Do hair in presentable way each week (Maybe blowdrying, washing and/or etc.)
  2. Wash face before going to bed
  3. Do not mix dirty laundry with clean laundry
  4. Do not wear clothes that are dirty or were rolling around in the floor.
  5. Dispose all waste right away
  6. Shave every 4 days (if you don't want to be hairy)
  7. Make bed every morning
  8. Clean out book bag/ purse every morning
  9. Wash hands before eating
  10. Carry a litte perfume or body mist
  11. Take an in-depth shower paying attention to every body part
  12. Pick up things after using them
  13. Do toes once a month, hands as soon as you notice chipping
  14. Do not step out of the house until in best apperance
  15. Wipe feet before putting shoes on
  16. Make sure shoes are in good condition to be worn
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