Sleep Deeply for 14 Nights Straight

Get a deep nights sleep by setting up proper sleep habits

How Do I Take This Challenge?

  1. Pick a convenient time which you will consistently hit the sack (e.g. 10pm)
  2. No caffeine 6 hours before your chosen time
  3. Use your bed purely for sleep, no watching TV in bed
  4. Turn off all electronics devices 1 hour before you sleep
  5. Avoid eating big meals before sleep
  6. Make your room as dark and quite as possible
  7. Set an alarm which allows at least 7 hours sleep
  8. When you wake get up immediately, get moving and if possible get sunlight
  9. Check In Everyday!
    Even if you don't complete the challenge
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  1. Install f.lux on your electronic devices
  2. If stress affects you consider meditation and/or writing down everything on your mind, knowing you'll be better prepared to tackle things tomorrow with a good rest.
  3. If background noise is an issue buy a pair of ear plugs from the chemist or setup a white noise source in your room (Youtube has long videos you can play)
  4. If you wake during the middle of the night, don't worry about not falling back asleep immediately but also try and avoid bright lights and things which will wake you too much.

The Stats



14 Days






Why should I use this site to take this challenge?