60-Day Sobriety Challenge

Alongside the release of The Other F Word: Forgiveness on Saturday October 15th, 2016 I will begin a 60-day sobriety challenge (Oct 15-Dec 13) from all drugs, alcohol & marijuana included.

How Do I Take This Challenge?

  1. Stop drinking in your mind first.
  2. Write your future self a letter.
  3. Create your own personal mantra.
  4. Quantify the TIME, CALORIES, and MONEY you'll save.
  5. Start a meditation practice TODAY.
  6. Start a Toolkit.
  7. Get creative and try something new.
  8. Employ extreme self care.
  9. Make failure your friend.
  10. Investigate.
  11. Source: http://www.hipsobriety.com/home/2014/10/4/7h7lgruigclugmybucq7bu1ululphb
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When going out, ordering a ginger ale with a lime or a coke with a lemon before anyone can pressure you to consume a drink may help.

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Why should I use this site to take this challenge?