The Simplest Ways To Happiness - Say Yes!

You can't properly enunciate the phrase Yes! without showing a smile!

How Do I Take This Challenge?

  1. "Say Yes!" to something you don't want to at least twice a day! (e.g. Take out the trash now Jimmy!)
  2. Internally start saying Yes! (e.g. "Should I get up?" Yes, I should!)
  3. If someone asks you to do something strange and out of the norm or you, say "Yes!"
  4. "Say Yes!" to this challenge, and check in every day and "Say Yes!" I have completed this today!
  5. Enjoy the benefits of saying Yes!
Take This Challenge


Saying yes can be hard. Especially if it means getting up. This is the time it is most crucial to "Say Yes!"
Remember that you can't properly enunciate the word yes without a smile! Always remember to smile when you say yes! This will lead to a more natural Yes! response.

The Stats



30 Days