Self Confidence Turbocharger

Boost your self confidence and make a better first impression

How Do I Take This Challenge?

For each day of the challenge attempt to tick off every item in the list below.
  1. When in public maintain a relaxed posture and don't avoid eye contact
  2. Be the first person to speak when you meet someone
  3. Imagine the person you're going to speak too is already a great friend
  4. Before you meet someone, visualize every detail of a confident conversation
  5. Try George Clooney's tip. Fake it till you make it, pretend you're confident. Science shows your mind will follow the signals of your body
  6. Don't judge yourself. A harsh internal critic needs to be silenced
  7. Avoid isolation - Confidence is a skill which needs constant practice
  8. Check In Everyday!
    Even if you don't complete the challenge
Take This Challenge


  1. Accept your faults, we all have them
  2. If you have the opportunity learn something new or master a skill you haven't mastered before
  3. Spend a few moments reliving a time you were confident
  4. Accept that somedays will be rougher than others

The Stats



30 Days