Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 14 Day Challenge

Live your life where the magic happens - The uncomfortable zone

How Do I Take This Challenge?

  1. Every single day you find something to do which you should do but have put off because it's too hard, embarassing, awkward or some other reason.
  2. Tweet, FB Post Each day of your challenge.
  3. Check In Everyday!
    Even if you don't complete the challenge

A Few Ways to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

  1. Face rejection - Is their a conversation you've been putting off? A secret you keep? When was the last time you truly confided in someone?
  2. Face a fear - Have a phobia you could learn to deal with?
  3. Push yourself - When was the last time you exercised until exhaustion?
  4. Embrace the uncertainty - Do you need to control too much?
  5. Take control of your career - Do you still love your work or are you just trying to get by?
  6. Try a new food or restaurant
  7. Say hello to a stranger or begin by maintaining eye contact
  8. Learn a new language or instrument
  9. Do you have a habit you should finally break?
Take This Challenge


  1. Understand that comfort equals atrophy and learn to get uncomfortable with comfort
  2. When you decide don't hesitate. The longer you do the more likely you will rationalize no action.
  3. Post that you're taking the challenge to Facebook, put social pressure on your self to stick it out.
  4. Exercise, clean stuff out, have the conversation you've been putting off

The Stats



14 Days